The Definitive Wix Review 2014: Do NOT READ if You Like Wix

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frustrated-businessman-using-WixMaybe you’ve had the recent pleasure during your evening couch potato time to come upon the latest ad from Let me set the stage for you: 2 young, handsome go-getters are awaiting a call back from a very important client. Well low-and-behold, John Q. Client has checked out their website and “loves it” and is ready to do business, lots and lots of business. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if the great folks at actually made a product that these two fellas or anyone else that has less than 10 cats and more than 5 items to sell could actually use as a viable product to help their business?

Unfortunately, if we begin to deal in the currency of reality there are any number of glaring issues with nearly all of the so called – DIY Website Builders – For purposes of my blood pressure and your time, we’ll just focus on, a quite popular member of this tragic fraternity.

I pride myself on being objective so I will say that based on my research; their designs seem to be of the OK variety. If you are some kind of drag and drop savant, there is a possibility that one could create a reasonably passable website from an aesthetics standpoint. This sadly is where the good ends and Wix goes off the type of cliff that sees many of those cute little lemmings fall to their puzzling demise each year. I could go on until the batteries run out in my keyboard, but I’ll provide 5 glaring issues and maybe add a part 2 down the road if the masses demand such. All reviews below are provided by our friends at

1. Implementing an SEO Strategy is Nearly Impossible

This is pretty technical but trust me, SEO is not happening on a website. You cannot fully manage how your website will appear on search engines; javascript is difficult to crawl by Google; customization is limited to the website builder and 3rd party plugins are non-existent; load time is slow which is a major ranking factor in Google; it is difficult to integrate Google authorship; there is no control of the robots.txt or XML sitemap files. And, only premium websites have do-follow links and free websites are set to no-follow.

Also, the page builder produces “dirty code” that is filled with extra lines of links and other wix elements that would never be present on a platform such as WordPress. Finally, the URL structure is so garbled and convoluted in the free version that it would never be something that you want to include in your marketing materials. The “Free” URLs generally look something like this: If you’d like to know more about the efforts in SEO-ing a Wix site, click below:

Wix SEO Reviewer – 100005819376009

2. Terrible Tech Support – Examples are quite prevalent but these are just a few that grabbed my attention:

My site has not worked for over a week. All the support lines lead to dead ends.It won’t let me add my phone number for a call back and there is no email to contact customer support. Read More: Kate Parkin

I have spent days perfecting my website, I have transferred my own domain name and purchased one from wix. now my old and wix site are offline. Read More: Ch’i Eco-organic Hair

Wix offer a simple service, but having now had a problem – my email being cancelled for no apparent reason, I can’t get a straight answer out of them. I tried to schedule a phone call and sent all my details – they didn’t ring. Read More: Matt Winn

This has to be the worst company for TECH support I have ever come across. They send you some call back that never recognises any numbers and then make u submit tickets that never ever get answered they just take money and do not offer the service they promise….
Do not waste ur time.. or ur money…. on these chumps! Read More: Abz AlQuds

Friendly Disclaimer: Keep in mind that reviews can be manipulated so if you see a great number of negative reviews and some strangely placed, positive reviews, chances are, the positive reviews have been input to offset the troubling amount of negative conversations happening on a given review site.

3. Rampant Functionality Issues

There are an alarming number of Wix users who simply can’t see their site online anymore and customer service (which we know is amazing) has done little to assist these people.

User Example: Sarah Bostock

Many users report working on their site for hours and hours only to think they’ve saved their work and come to find out that their work is lost forever and their site has reverted to the intial day of purchase!

User Example: Olga Istratii

Working with files within presumably “your” website can oftentimes be a near impossibility. And forget about moving files from one folder to another withing the existing file structure. It seems you will only see a spinning ball or whatever a PC does when it’s loading.

User Example: Art Balfour

4. Multiple Servers and Directories to Host 1 Website

You may think this is a good thing, but it’s actually quite detrimental to your site. The main issue is that each server has its own load time and therefore causes your site to load individual pieces at varying rates of speed. This means, for example, your main homepage image may load first and quite quickly but your logo and all other images on your homepage will not necessarily load at the same rate and may take quite some time to actually appear. This causes you and your website to appear unprofessional at best.

5. Wix Owns Your Domain and Your Website

Not much more needs to be said here but basically with WordPress or one of the other mainstream content management systems, your site can be transferred as you wish to other hosting accounts of your choosing. This is not the case with Wix. Once you build your site, they host it and they control it. Needless to say, someone else controlling “your” website is not the most powerful position you can have as a business owner.

Admittedly, I wasn’t a huge fan of before I began my research for this post and in the aftermath of my research: I’d like to stand in as many town squares as possible to spread the word about all the ways that Wix falls short as an alternative to having a professional build your website. If you should even have an inkling about needing a website, please contact me at and I would be happy to go into more detail as to why it’s worth the extra financial commitment to use WordPress for the the good of your sanity and your business. Please tell your friends about Wix! Thank you again to our friends at Trust Pilot for providing the many sobering recounts of disgruntled Wix users.

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