3D Mail Gets a Nod from the USPS but Is it Right for You?

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3D Mail3D mail has been getting its fair share of attention lately with the US Postal Service’s new Simple Sample program, which launches on June 27th. And the attention is well warranted. After all we are all quick to open up a package that arrives in our mail box.

3D or lumpy mail has some powerful benefits. Generally it gets opened first and almost everyone takes the time to find out who sent it to them and why. Which means you get a few extra seconds to connect with a prospect. Assuming that the right item is sent to the right audience, they will appreciate the “gift” and keep it around. Moreover, for those of you targeting businesses, that 3D mail is going to get past the gatekeepers.

So is a dimensional direct mail campaign right for your organization? Here are 3 guidelines to 3D Mail success:

1) The Math Makes Sense
3D mail is more expensive so it is important to analyze the costs and benefits. Research by Entrepreneur.com found that response rates for dimensional mail average 5.49%. The Direct Marketing Association’s surveys have found it to be 2.3%. Your organization needs to predict what response rate you will get for a 3D mailing and then follow the steps below to see if 3D can be cost effective for you.

Step 1: Expected Response Rate  ×  Number of Pieces Mailed  = Expected Number of New Customers

Step 2: Estimated Revenue from Each New Customer × Expected Number of New Customers = Estimated Revenue Resulting for a Direct Mail Campaign.

If the total cost to print and mail is more than the estimated revenue then the campaign doesn’t make sense. Either the campaign needs to be rethought out or scrapped.

2) You Have a Good List
No one wants to waste money on direct mail, but sending a direct mail piece to a bad address, a person who is no longer there, or someone who doesn’t need your products or services is a waste. Since 3D mail is more expensive, it is even more critical that the list is good. And while you are at it make sure the marketing message is exceptional as well.

3) People Want What You’ve Got
There is nothing  more disappointing than receiving a package in the mail and excitingly opening it only to find disappointment. We actually got a Beer Koozie here at DreamWise a few months ago. I put it out in the break room thinking someone may want it and it sat for several weeks before making its way to the trash.

Ensure that you don’t disappoint and invest in something that most people will find valuable. DreamWise has access to more than 500,000 promotional items and we would appreciate the opportunity to work with in developing an amazing 3D direct mail campaign.


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