4 Easy Ways to Cut Your Shipping Costs

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Is your business looking for ways to cut shipping costs? Here are 4 quick tips that may just save your business big time.

1) Consolidate Packages – We have noticed that companies often ship multiple boxes separately to the same address. Consolidating items into one package or just taping two separate boxes together to make it one package can cut down significantly on cost. Even if you end up paying a fee for an oversized or heavy package, it will be less than sending the two boxes separately.

2) Pick the Right Packaging – Speaking of packaging, you can save a lot by choosing the right packaging. The first thing I would recommend is checking into the free packaging that the shipping carriers provide. It may not fit your needs, but it is at least worth checking out since it is free. If the free stuff doesn’t work, spend time finding a cost-effective option that fits your product well. Don’t select a box that is too big because it will increase the package weight and size, which increases shipping weight.

3) Switch Carriers – Have you compared shipping rates lately? Rates change from year to year so it is best to check your shipping costs often. Don’t forget to consider the surcharges that FedEx and UPS charge. If you are shipping to residential addresses and haven’t taken a look at the Post Office shipping options lately you could be missing out on some big savings.

4) Consider Bulk Mailing – I know it sounds crazy but there are times when this is an option. For example, one of our clients did a Kickstarter campaign last year. In the end, they had close to 300 orders for the same item. They had some flexibility on the shipping timeline so we were able to ship the product out using Standard Mail. This saved the company more than $1,000. If the shipping timeline is an issue First-Class bulk rates may also be an option. The key is that you need to be sending out several hundred orders containing the same item.

Shipping is complicated and ever changing. We would love to help you. Even if we aren’t your current fulfillment provider we would be happy to sit down with you and review your current shipping plan. You can reach us at 303-858-1025 or by filling out the Request a Consultation form in the right-hand column of this page.


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