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Door to new worldA picture is said to be worth 1,000 words, if that is the case, then a Tweet is now worth more than its 140 character limit.

Twitter announced that attached images will now display in large preview on Twitter feeds. This new change will no longer require users to have to click links to view images. The new large preview will display these images based on their size and can take up a large portion of a user’s feed. In theory this new change will be great, pictures are eye catching and they increase engagement on all social media. However, not all pictures are truly worth 1,000 words, some can say millions when others only say a few.

Yesterday, I watched as numerous pictures of cartoon pumpkins, company logos, city sky lines and pixelated images cascaded down my Twitter feed. As the images flowed by, I became increasingly curious about how this new change may effect Twitter.

We spent the last 7 years playing with hashtags, abbreviation, punctuation, and capitalization to create interesting, eye-catching and relevant Tweets in 140 characters or less. Now, the careful craftsmanship we use to construct the perfect Tweet will not hold the same value. Since words will not count as much, what do we do now? The answer is simple, keep experimenting.

This time, instead of being a wordsmith, be an artist. We have been given an opportunity to reinvent who we are on Twitter. Refrain from using irrelevant pictures, blurred images or overused stock photography. Find the amazing image that will communicate your message and stands out amongst the clutter. Who knows, maybe this is your chance to reach the followers you weren’t able to touch with words.

I’d like to know what kind of impact you think the large preview images will have on Twitter. Please leave your comments below or email us at

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