We Got Our Start in a Basement…

Founded in 1996, we initially ran the business in our basement. Known as “DW Mail” at the time, we specialized in direct mail and database services. We grew fast and within a few years we were too big for our subterranean office space.

We Kicked Off the New Millennium in a New Office

On January 1, 2000, we moved DW Mail to Inverness, so we could better serve our clients. The first few years of the century were exciting ones for us. In 2003, we became 100% women-owned — a tradition we proudly honor today!

Our Business Evolved, Calling for a Fresh Name

Over time, our team of marketing experts grew and we evolved from direct mail specialists into a full-service marketing firm. In 2010, we moved to our current location and changed our name to DreamWise Marketing. The word “DreamWise” reflects our commitment to achieving your goals and dreams with strategic approaches that are grounded in wisdom.

We’re Excited About the Future

Today, our extended “family” includes hundreds of clients across Colorado — big and small, for profit and not-for-profit. We remain committed to taking a conscientious approach toward our clients and community and we look forward to finding fresh ways to make our clients successful.

Want to Explore Joining the DreamWise Family of Clients?

To set up an exploratory discussion, please call us at (303) 858-1025 or email info@dreamwisemarketing.com.

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