The Top 3 Reasons Companies Fail at Direct Mail

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Too many direct mail campaigns fail to generate revenue. It’s not because direct mail doesn’t work. Survey after survey and research study after research study show that direct mail generally works better than digital marketing. And yet some direct mail campaigns fail big time.

There are lots of reasons a campaign fails and we certainly can’t solve the mystery of every failed campaign in one blog, but the majority of failed campaigns fail for one of these 3 reasons:

Direct Mail Isn’t Right for You
Direct mail works for thousands and thousands of businesses nationwide. Consumers consistently report that they prefer direct mail to digital marketing and studies show over and over that direct mail produces higher response rates. But direct mail is expensive. If you are selling a low-cost product or service than it can be very hard to produce enough sales to cover the cost of direct mail. If you would like to learn more about how to determine if direct mail is right for you, give us a call or fill out the Request a Consultation form in the right-hand column and let us know if you would like a free copy of our white paper, 5 Key’s to Direct Mail Success.

Your List Stinks
If you are sending your direct mail piece to people who don’t care about what you have to offer don’t expect a response. Two things can go wrong when it comes to lists. First, your list may not represent your target market. Do you know who your target market is and are you certain that your list is of people or businesses in your target market? The second thing that can go wrong is that your list may be out of date. About 13% of Americans move every year so if your list isn’t consistently maintained it will become out of date very quickly. Check out some tips about maintaining list quality here.

Your Mail Piece is Boring
Please don’t take this the wrong way; some mail pieces can be boring. For example, one of our clients produces research reports for scientists. These are long boring reports that are incredibly useful to the people who buy them. This companies direct mail pieces don’t need to be exciting, they need to provide valuable information. However, most of the time direct mail pieces need to be interesting and compelling. It is worth the investment to have good design and clear compelling copy. You should also consider other options to help your piece stand out. This may include personalizing your piece, which has been found to increase response rates by 50%. There are many more options as well such as using a unique paper stock, add personalized URL’s, consider unique piece shapes or a 3D mail piece.

If your failing at direct mail we are here to help. We would love to review your failed direct mail campaigns and offer some advice. We can be reached at 303-858-1025 or using the Request a Consultation form in the right column of this page.


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