Direct Mail Designed for Women Wins

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If you’re in marketing, you already know that women wield a lot of purchasing power. Recent data not only confirms their purchasing power, but also gives us clues about their dominance in responding to direct mail.

The 2015 DMA Response Rate Report, which is one of the most thorough and reputable annual studies of direct mail, found that 91% of mail is picked up by the same person each day and 80% of those picking up the mail are women. Moreover, 80% of those picking up the mail (men and women alike) are the primary grocery shoppers.

When we combine this type of information with data collected from the organization She Economy we see the power of direct mail that is targeted to women. She Economy reminds us that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases. This includes a dominance everywhere from the grocery store to new home purchases to online shopping.

The opportunities quickly become clear when we add the fact that 91% of women say that advertisers don’t understand them (She Economy). The window of opportunity is huge! An organization that can connect with women through direct mail or any other channel stand the chance to win big. Certainly, organizations that are aiming for a successful new year of marketing can look to a strategy that focuses on women and connects with them in an authentic way.

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