What Do You Think of Google Glass?

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13 - 1Does anyone else have a tremendous problem with these, admittedly sleek, but weird headgear that more and more people are beginning to sport across the United States and the world? Of course, I’m speaking of the phenomenon that is Google Glass. I can’t help but get a very odd feeling about something that is mounted in such close proximity to our main information center. I’m not saying that I think it should be outlawed, but the whole idea just makes me a bit uneasy. I fear our attention spans are already quite minimal and this “mounted” device will only aid in reducing that span even more. I feel like Google is a company that has the power to be one of the most innovative in the history of modern civilization, but I’m not certain that “Don’t Be Evil” is at the top of their minds anymore and Google Glass is just the latest example of the power that this particular company has over the first world.

If this product were happened upon in a store, without the benefit of the Google Marketing Engine, would people still be willing to look, basically ridiculous, for technology that they undoubtedly also have in their pocket? I feel like this latest product launch is a test to see what their audience will accept and how powerful their brand really is. Thus far it seems to be a rousing success for the Google brand and that is even considering the exorbitant price tag of $1500 per pair. They have also managed to create a err of exclusivity with these Google Glass devices. Only a select group of people were issued a pair and that makes the rest of the early adopting google-glass-topculture want a pair of their own even more! It remains to be seen just how popular this latest Google product is going to be, it may just be a fad like hyper-color t-shirts (you folks who were young in the early 90’s know what I’m talking about) but it’s looking more and more like Google Glass will be much more than just a fad. Especially if you believe the online rumors about updates and new versions and styles. Look for new laws or updated laws to attempt to “protect” people from themselves while operating “head mounted devices” for lack of a better description. I guess Gene Roddenberry had his finger on the pulse of the technology of the future in many instances, and it seems, Google Glass was yet another product that he foresaw. Let’s hope that us non-early adopters are not the Wesley Crusher character in our story. OK. That’s probably a bit extreme but what do you think about Google Glass? Have you seen a pair? Do you know someone that wears them? Let us know.

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