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Because you want your business to thrive! Imagine leaving work today knowing you’ve invested your marketing dollars wisely. You’ve met an impossible deadline without breaking a sweat.
You’ve achieved your goals—on time and on budget. You’ve found a top Denver marketing firm that genuinely cares about your success, as well as the wellbeing of your community.
For nearly 20 years, DreamWise Marketing Solutions has been helping Colorado businesses dream bigger, create, and thrive. When you partner with DreamWise, you’re choosing more than tangible results. You’re choosing an easy experience—friendly people, prompt service, a “can do” attitude, flexible solutions, and execution you can count on every single time. We welcome the opportunity to explore your marketing needs. 2014 Top Woman Owned Companies Success Stories
  • "I am really touched by the quality of attention and care you give to me as your customer. The glove project, the windshield scraper, and every personal note. It is inspiring me to reflect on how I, in my business can give this level of care - in my own way. Thank you for bringing all of who you are to your work and your clients." Love, Pat

    Pat Landrum
    Social Venture Partners Denver
  • "I have relied on Wendy and DreamWise Marketing for years now to assist my marketing team with direct mail postcards, fulfillment of everything from t-shirts to Christmas gifts, printing and stuffing invitations, and sending out hundreds of custom-collated lead packages weekly. I so appreciate Wendy’s integrity, straight-to-the-point style, friendly and prompt service. DreamWise is the one vendor in my stable that I know I can ‘send it and forget it’ – I have 100% faith in their execution capabilities and eye for quality. It’s such a reassurance (and time-saver) to know that I can trust them implicitly."

    Lisa Long
    American Sentinel University
  • "We originally selected DreamWise Marketing Solutions to partner with us to fulfill our customer orders based on their pricing, flexibility, systems and professionalism. They have graciously met and even exceeded our expectations. As our business has grown with new products and evolved into new channels and customers, DreamWise has worked tirelessly to modify or create new efficient processes to meet our needs. Their customer service is exceptional and they HAVE the ‘can do’ attitude. Our relationship with DreamWise Marketing Solutions is a true partnership where both parties are successful – we expect this to be a long term relationship with DreamWise Marketing Solutions.”

    Ann Henning
    Couragent, Inc.
  • “You always hope that a vendor takes your projects as seriously as you do, and DreamWise does! Their expert assistance with our projects- from mail piece design to best mailing practices helps to safeguard the success of our direct mail campaigns. They have always met or exceeded our expectations for not only timeliness but also quality of work. Working with DreamWise for our mailings is the easiest part of my job.”

    Tina Treants
    Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

What to Expect from DreamWise

Whether you want to grow your business, strengthen your image, or simply meet a crazy deadline, you can expect an easy experience with DreamWise Marketing.

Genuine Relationships

We believe in building strong relationships and ensuring you’re taken care of. You can count on us to be warm, down-to-earth and straightforward.

Our clients have reported that DreamWise “takes your project as seriously as you do” and that you can “trust them implicitly”. We’re a family business that’s fully women owned, and we’re keenly aware that you are trusting us to better your business!

Strategic Marketing Expertise… When You Want It

We believe every business is unique and deserves a one-of-a-kind solution without the attitude or expense of a traditional Denver marketing agency. As a full-service marketing firm, we’re happy to share strategic counsel—if you want it from us.

If you’re turning to us for reliable execution, you can expect us to run your project with complete efficiency. We adjust our solutions to what’s important to you.

A “Can Do” Attitude 

You’re trusting us to “make it happen” for your business—from achieving strong results to meeting aggressive timelines. We approach every business challenge and tight deadline with an open mind; solving issues as they arise. Our mindset is fresh and productive: “Yes, we’ll figure out a way for you.”

Recently one of our clients told us, “As our business has grown with new products and evolved into new channels and customers, DreamWise has worked tirelessly to modify or create new efficient processes to meet our needs.” Whether we are designing a website, shipping a box, or developing an SEO strategy we are always thinking outside of the box to get results and make your business better.

Execution You Can Count On

Execution matters—from your timelines to your budgets. We’re committed to being on time, every time. Even our competitors have sent their customers to us for tight deadlines!

Wondering if we really will go the extra mile on your project? Well the DreamWise owners and team have been know to drop everything in a moments notice to stuff envelopes, deliver marketing collateral, or fix a broken website. And we provide this same level of commitment to customers big and small.

Flexible Colutions that Make Your Job Easier

We know how busy you are, and we recognize you may—or may not—have a passion for marketing. One DreamWise client noted,  “DreamWise is the one vendor in my stable that I know I can ‘send it and forget it’.”

We’ll take on as much as you’d like us to, so you can focus your energy where it’s needed. We’re also happy to work within your processes, so you can feel confident your business is in good hands at all times.

Giving Back to Our Community

We want you to feel as good about your marketing firm as you do about your success. We’re passionate about giving back to the community and being environmentally responsible in everything we do. We can’t imagine running our business any other way.

Here are just a few of ways we are giving back:

  • We founded Spread the Warmth, a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to warming the hearts and hands of our community.
  • We participated in more than 100 volunteer projects, collections, and other community contributions in 2013.
  • Our facility is 100% wind powered and we divert 92% of our waste from the landfill through a robust recycling and composting program.

Learn more about how DreamWise is giving back on our Community Service and Green Practices pages.

Marketing with a Conscience

When we started out as a direct mail company didn’t know marketing and we didn’t advise our customers on marketing. During that time, we invested too much money in marketing that didn’t meet our expectations. And even worse we saw our clients invest in too many failed direct mail campaigns.

We were fed up with bad marketing. So we went out and learned marketing and then we hired a team of the best marketing professionals we could find – people who had proven results with real businesses; people who cared more about results then winning awards.

We transformed ourselves into a full service marketing company with conscious marketing at our core. Conscious marketing at DreamWise is marketing that is considerate of our clients, their customers, our community and the world. Check out our Standards for Conscious Marketing we have set at DreamWise.

Marketing Without the Attitude

Sometimes it seems that businesses are forced to choose between expensive marketing agencies or independent contractors to fulfill their marketing needs. With DreamWise you are choosing a team of experts providing a full range of marketing services without the attitude of a traditional agency.

How are we different? To start, we focus on results, not awards (even though we have a few of those too). We also actually do the work ourselves (with the exception of a portion of our printing services) and you can call and speak to the people doing your marketing any time! And one more thing, we work with organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 businesses to start ups.

Does DreamWise Sound Like a Good Fit for You?

We welcome the opportunity to explore your next project with you. To share your needs, call 303.858.1025 or write info@dreamwisemarketing.com.